Saksri Industry Co.,Ltd. has been established since year 1992. We mainly produce chemical substances for water treatment Rubber industry, Pertrochemical industry, Paper and pulp industry such as Sulphuric Acid and Alum or Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC), Ferrous Sulphur Powder, etc.

The high quality and good service is our priority policy which we always remind ourselves since the first day of setting up the company; for this reason, we attempt to produce high quality and safety products according to the standards along with the reasonable price and service mind.

Since the company started, we gain more trust from our customers which enable us to have another three subordinate companies: Gemon Co.,Ltd., SunMoon Ray Co.,Ltd. and Thanaphol Agro Chemical Ltd.,Part.

Our subordinates will support the headquarter by importing products from other countries such as EU, South Korea and China and also trading for Saksri industry. Furthermore, each subordinate will take care of different kind of product. The chemical substances for water production and safety clothing for toxic substances protection to the army is the main product for SunMoon Ray Co.,Ltd. while Thanaphol Agro Chemical Ltd.,Part. manufactures and trades chemical substances mainly used in agriclture and food for farms.

The high quality product is our main policy, we carefully start from selecting the high quality raw material, safety production and enviromental friendly so that our customers will be ensured the high product quality due to our achieved standards such as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008.

Moreover, customers can trust in our imported products due to the product sources also passed the international standards from the renowned countries such as United State, EU, British and China. Nevertheless, the customers can also check the sources of products which sold by Saksri Industry from the standard certification and declaration paper.

With the vision to be the business leader of chemical substances for industry and agriculture, we will continue researching and developing the best quality product. To support the community, our staff are mainly from local community but well trained, high knowledge, specialized and service mind so all value customers will get the best quality product with the reasonable price and on-time delivery as the aim of the company to be:

"A leader of chemical substances for chemical industry, agriculture and related products in Thailand."




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