Smiths Detection is a provider of specialised equipment which detects CBRNE including hazardous

materials such as vapours, powders, gases, liquids, pastes and gels which can not be identified using sight

and smell.

The equipment provides fast, accurate results in a major incident and therefore avoids major injury or death.

All products are tested rigorously to meet CE standards and ensure their suitability for the harsh conditions

and high temperatures likely to be faced during battlefield or security operations.

Smiths Detection science and technology specialists understand soldiers need the latest technology in

rugged products which minimise inconvenience and support successful missions in the field.

That is why its R & D personnel are dedicated to continually developing more intuitive, smaller, lightweight

and simple to use products.

Smiths Detection has worked with defence forces for over 40 years, gaining significant insight into the needs

of armed forces, as well as experience in applying smart science at the frontline. Our low-maintenance and

reliable equipment produces accurate, in-real-time information about traces of explosives or other suspect

materials on people, packages, vehicles or surfaces.

There is a full range of products from Smiths and full training is given on all models. Smiths also provide solutions for Aviation, Ports & borders, and Urban security needs. For full details, please contact us at Sunmoon Ray Corporation Email. or call +6 62 886 2910 Ext. 308